Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have over the past decade seen huge growth in apartment high rise off the plan investment. Growth has been derived from foreign investors where apartment living in their country of origin is considered normal, and where single dwelling homes on separate titled land is the exception.Sample 9Sample 8

The Great Australian Ideal of a ¼ acre land site and single dwelling home is rarely to be seen, and certainly not available in city centres.
Land scarcity and peoples’ desire to have access to all essential infrastructure like schools, hospitals, transport hubs, shopping centres, recreational facilities and be close to employment centres, is the major appeal of apartment living within close proximity to the city centre.

A word of caution, not all apartments are the same, investors’ needs to be aware of  scarcity of building supply, infrastructure amenities, and consider architectural design, building development mix, and location demographics.

Our preference is biased towards boutique low rise apartment accommodation within 4km to 8km of a major city centre, in combination with a balance of sized apartment living and generous location amenity.

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